Boujmaa Guilloul is well known for his super radical attitude in wave windsurfing and the invention of new moves. He experienced a lot of ups and downs during his career. The 34 year-old Moroccan had a horrible crash on a triple loop attempt in Maui in 2011, but then won the AWT tour in 2016 and the IWT tour 2017, has participated in the PWA since 2004 and organized his own international events at his home spot Moulay Bouzerktoune, where he established his windsurfing center.

In “Africa rises to Boujmaa Guilloul” he talks about his future plans and what windsurfing means to him. A film crew (Kwese TV and Africa InSight) visited Boujmaa over the winter months and produced that excellent clip, which shows the Moroccan in a very authentic way.

Boujmaa Guilloul: “I was ready to do whatever it takes. I work hard. To be on top you have to be strong. After my hard crash in a triple loop attempt I wasn’t very motivated to push my limits again, but then I won the AWT in 2016 and the IWT in 2017. In 2018 I organized my own IWT/PWA event and made it in third place. I sail to create soul energy. It’s like I’m praying out there. I hope I can be the window for a new generation of windsurfs in the future!”

Boujmaa Guilloul talks about his visions for the future