The Moroccan Boujmaa Guilloul, who had a bad wipe-out at Hookipa, is out of hospital and soon ready to continue his chase for the first landed triple loop. Read what he wrote:

“Hi everyone, this is just an update of my situation, after my accident, I ve been looked after very well, from my friend in the water, trough the hospital and now back home, I was very lucky to be surrounded by such good people, I thank them all so much.

I don´t think I will be here trying my crazy stunts if my sponsors were not around, I owe them lot. Our agreement always said that I had to have my own insurance coming to such places, in fact, Mr Svein the boss of starboard was ready to cover my bill in the MM Hospital, and I knew I could relay on him about such matters, but I also knew I had to have a travel insurance when coming to the States. Right now am out of the hospital and everything feels good so happy I am alive thanks to Klass and Ferdinando, I owe them my life.
I think my bill been taken care of by the insurance company, have not heard much about it so far, but thanks for the windsurf scene so worried about me and concerned about how it was gonna be paid, I just think there is no need to blame my sponsors and the industry, they´re here to support us traveling and windsurfing, doing what we love the most, and each one of us has to have an insurance program, the easiest way to be able to go crazy in places where we travel the most such as Maui. It was my worried friends idea to create a support account to prevent me to fall in any problems where I can´t pay hospital expenses, but I was so shocked by then to decide and let them do for me, and realized later I had 2 different insurance subscriptions, either one had to work.
Now I am back on my feet waiting for my hand to heal and be back in the water. I won´t stop my chase to the triple loup here, knowing we´re many trying to get there, but next time I will wear at least a wetsuit and helmet for it 🙂


Boujmaa Guilloul - Pic: PWA/John Carter