Board 360° into Duck Jibe – Davy Scheffers

The Dutch windsurfer Davy Scheffers likes to mix old and newschool moves on the water. 

Board 360° into Duck Jibe

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Thank you guys. it is good to see diversity in the freestyle discipline. The moves changed a lot in the last few years. Few years ago Golitto won the competition with the Pasko and now we see this moves in each round. now with a score calculated for each move you can allready sit at home and look what moves you can do to get to totall maximum score. So basicly what you get is that a rider start training for the system and loses is identity and personal style. It loses the extra juice. If you get into freestyle… Read more »

I’d also like to see more variety in competiton to really present what’s possible in our sport. It’s unfortunate, that riders don’t think about variety more often. Strangely i haven’t seen one air-bob in this competition, despite the fact, that it was very popular last year. I didn’t see Tonky do his famous long willy-skippers etc. It would be great to somehow find a way to put those moves back into competition.

I love when Davy or Tonky drop silky smooth variations of willy skippers. The power moves of today are jaw-dropingly amazing (I love to watch them), but the style and grace of an occasional well done old school move like this is a much better change up than a spock or funnell variant, especially for less than ideal conditions. To me, incorporating such tricks with power moves shows command and style. I wish they could score well in competition if an occasional one was combined with the more difficult power moves. Then, perhaps, we could see them a little more.… Read more »