“As far as we can” is the latest movie by Adam Sims. He, Riccardo Marca and Adam’s girlfriend Alina Shalin travelled in Adam’s van across Norway in search of wind of waves. 

They found flat water spots for tow-in sessions with stunning scenery, little waves to surf and windy spots for freestyle windsurfing with onshore conditions. What they didn’t find was a proper wave spot but maybe next time…

“Heading north into the arctic circle when most fly south. A winch, all the windsurf, surf and kitesurf gear and an open agenda.” (Adam Sims)

Interview with Adam Sims about his project “As Far As We Can – Norway”


In addition to the video we caught up with Adam to get more infos about their trip to Norway.

Continentseven: How long were you in Norway and how many kilometers did you drive?

Adam Sims: The trip was over three weeks in the end. We left straight from the last event of the year in Holland, then stopped in Hamburg to drop off Riki’s van and cruise on up. Total kilometers was a lot! Ha. I remember Riki clearly saying something like 3000kms to get home from where we were, so I guess around 6000kms…

Please describe your tour a bit.

Well we started in Holland, stopped in Hamburg, took my van to north Denmark and the ferry into Oslo. Then we drove up to Trondheim and from there we let my followers vote where we go by using my Instagram story, haha, so we ended up in Gladstad after 7-8 ferries, this spot was sick!….

As Far As We Can - Cover

As Far As We Can – Behind the Scenes