Alex Mertens, freestyle windsurfer, film maker and traveler from California, returned to one of his favorite windsurfing spots, to Colarado River, Lake Mohave in the Mohave desert. He launched from a spot called Cabinsite Cove on the Arizona side, where he already sailed in 2016. There aren’t any good spots on the other side of the river, in Nevada. This spot is special because you sail in two different states at the same time. On one side you are in Arizona and on the other side you are in Nevada. The best wind conditions are from October till March, when strong northerly winds can get accelerated in the channels of the river and over the hills up to 45+ knots. Alex, who was hungry to windsurf again and struggled with the conditions due to the pandemic and heavy fires in California earlier in the year.

Alex: Fueled by a desperate craving to explore, I did the unthinkable. I took my surf gear and headed inland into the middle of the desert to surf in a small little oasis called Lake Mohave. A massive thank you to my family and everyone who helped me along this trip. This video wouldn’t have been possible without them. Also, a massive thank you to my sponsors for supporting me through these crazy times.


Mohave – The Craving For Adventure – Alex travelled from California in the Mohave desert in Arizona and found what he was searching for