Alex Mertens, the young talented 17 year old freestyle windsurfer from Rio Vista, U.S., travelled to Colorado River, Lake Mohave. The river and the lake are situated around 20 km from Las Vegas in the states of Arizona and Nevada (the state boarder is in the middle of the river and lake) and is less known for water sports. The conditions look great and brown barren mountains surround the blue colored lake. Normally, you gamble in the casinos or marry in Las Vegas, Alex decided to go for a windsurfing session. Alex is anyway much too young to gamble or to get married. 😉

Alex Mertens: “Lake Mohave is located near Bullhead City, Arizona and blows really strong in the north winds. It’s a really fun spot that I recommend you go and check out. We launched from a spot called Cabinsite Cove on the Arizona side. I do not believe there are any good spots to launch from in the other side or Nevada side. The wind blew 25 to 30 knots but it can blow much stronger. The wind is only good there in the northern winds for two to three days. At a time when I went, I sailed for 2 days completely overpowered on my 4.0m for most of the two days. This spot is special because you sail in two different states at the same time. On one side you are in Arizona and on the other side you are in Nevada.” (e.n. take care of Rattle Snakes)

And what we never should forget about: just 100 kilometers northwest from Las Vegas the Nevada test site for Nuclear Weapons was founded in 1951. Nuclear tests, including underground detonations, were done and the area in Nevada is known for the highest concentration of nuclear-detonated weapons in the U.S. .


Alex Mertens with a freestyle windsurfing session at Lake Mohave, Arizona