It’s great to see young girls going for freestyle windsurfing. 12 year-old Lina Erzen from Slovenia landed her first Air Jibe this year. We are sure she and her younger brother Val will push each other to the next moves.

Lina’s father Igor is very proud: “I have caught an Air Jibe by my 12 year-old doughter Lina. She is the youngest woman in Slovenia landing an Air jibe and she started learning Air Jibes 2 months ago at Quiksilver windsurf team Slovenija by Ziga Hrcek (owner and main instructor). First Air Jibe was landed at Vasiliki-Greece, but the Air Jibe in this video was caught 1 month later in Laguna Naxos-Greece. Lina sails with Hot sails 3,6 and Flikka custom freestyle board 80l.”

Air Jibe by Lina Erzen