German Adrian Beholz travelled to Namibia and Botswana this winter. He was looking for a new adventure, which wasn’t only about windsurfing. It was a trip about sharing the passion for traveling, for nature, for new cultures and the hidden beauty of a huge desert. Adi and his friends started their trip in Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, where he presented windsurfing to the local kids in the streets. Afterwards they drove further south to Lüderitz, where the wind blew with storm force, gusting up to 45 knots, which normally is the ideal playground for the speed cracks. Adi met Adam Sims and Riccardo Marco near Agate Beach and they enjoyed a great freestyle sessions together. Later during their trip they crossed the border from Namibia to Botswana to visit Valentin Gruener, who founded together with Mikkel Legarth from Denmark the Modisa Wildlife project in the Kalahari ecosystem of Botswana. Valentin is a windsurfer, too and they windsurfed together on a really wild lake. At the end Adi and his crew return from the Kalahari desert  to Windhoek.

The film “Nawana”, a mix out of Namibia and Botswana, got filmed by Treehouse film, animation and design and shows unexplored spots. Big respect to Adi and his team to explore new areas in a wild nature.



Adrian Beholz and friends released their film “Nawana”

Camera: Manuel Kappmeyer, Alicja Pokrzywinski, Adrian Beholz


In addition to the video we hooked up with Adrian to speak about his torn ligaments and his upcoming movie project “All In”: Interview with Adrian Beholz