DANKIE, South Africa – Youp Schmit in Cape Town

Youp Schmit left Bonaire during winter and travelled to Cape Town, South Africa. Floris Tils produced a great short documentary about Youp and his lifestyle in Cape Town. In “DANKIE, South Africa” Youp talks about windsurfing, his attitude, friends, a healthy lifestyle, the local culture, hard crashes, his training off the water and much more. Youp, who dedicates his life to freestyle windsurfing had a lot of injuries during his career but seems to be 100% fit again.
The 22 year-old Bonairian had his debut in the World Cup in 2010 and finished often in the top 5.  We know Youp since the beginning of his international career and definitely like to have this radical boy from Bonaire in front of our camera lenses!! Good luck Youp for the upcoming season! And thanks to Floris for producing this nice short docu.

“The lifestyle I live inspired me to tell my story, I dedicated all my life to this windsurfing sport and this has opened the life I live today. Being able to travel all across the world meeting new countries, cultures and making new adventures is an amazing experience, that for I say in African, ”DANKIE” to all that is around me and on my path.” (Youp Schmit)

DANKIE, South Africa ft. Youp Schmit in Cape Town by Floris Tils

Filmed and produced by Floris Tils
Additional footage: Valentin Böckler, Bart Maalderink

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Only cause Jup has a blond beard now doesn’t means hes surfing on a high level….


I am not into freestyle very much but this is a great video !

Phil GetWindsurfing

Youp & Floris This video is amazing! Good job, it makes me want to hit the water right away after watching it 🙂

Sarah quita

Danki to you Youp & FLoris. E edit aki ta mucho zuiver!