Nikolaj Frandsen, Karl Emil Boegh, Mads Bang, Frederik Johansen and Kristian Kristensen are 5 young talented freestyle windsurfers from Denmark. And they have a common plan: escape the cold winter in Denmark. Their first trip brought them to Jericoacoara, Brazil.

“We spent 2 months in Jeri, but went for a 4 day trip to Camocim in the beginning of December and scored some nice conditions with 4.0m every day even though we had some bad tide timing. In Jeri we had 4.4m and 4.0m almost every day and the days without wind were sometimes well needed. We used them to relax and enjoy the sun and nice weather of Jeri! We sailed mostly at the main spot, but as it can get pretty crowded we also had some good sessions a bit downwind where we had it all for ourselves!” Nikolaj Frandsen