Yentel Caers wins the EFPT event in Viesta, Italy and extends his overall lead in the rankings. The Belgian already won the first EFPT event at Costa Brava, too. The hardest contender of the Belgian is the Italian style master Jacopo Testa, who returned on tour after one year break as the PWA rules didn’t allow him to compete.

Yentel won the event in an exciting superfinal, after losing against the Italian Jacopo Testa in the single elimination. The Belgian not only won the event but also the super session at Spiaggia Lunga in Vieste. Congrats!

As stated in the EFPT press text, Yentel Caers showed some unbelievable powerful and consistent competition sailing. Caers and Testa are some of the toughest freestylers world-wide and proved it in the past two big competitions. Coming in third had been Giovanni Passani, who haven’t had the best start into the EFPT season with a 7th place in the first event in Costa Brava. The Italian however seemed to love the conditions here and stepped his game back up to the level that he is capable of. 

The videos from the EFPT event in Vieste, Spiaggia Lunga, Gargano, Italy produced by Adam Sims & Alex Mertens


Result EFPT Vieste, Spiaggia Lunga:

1. Yentel Caers
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Giovanni Passani
4. Davy Scheffers
5. Mattia Fabrizi
6. Francesco Capuzzo
7. Riccardo Marca, Adam Sims
9. Eliran Levi, Alex Mertens, Yarden Meir, Eugenio Marconi
13. Eilon Wilson, Paul Simmerl, Ben Masoner, Cesare Latino
17. Mauro de Luca

Overall EFPT Ranking 2019 (after two valid events)

1. Yentel Caers (500 points)
2. Jacopo Testa (425 points)
3. Giovanni Passani (325 points)
4. Davy Scheffers (278 points)
5. Mattia Fabrizi (260 points)
6. Steven van Broeckhoven (225 points)
7. Francesco Cappuzzo (195 points)
8. Riccardo Marca, Adam Sims (180 points)
10. Antoine Albert (165 points)