At the penultimate day of the EFPT Lanzarote Yentel Caers, who has been THE man to beat at all EFPT events, secured his third EFPT event win in a row and the European Freestyle Pro Tour Champion title for 2019. We caught up with the Belgian freestyler for a quick interview.

EFPT Lanzarote Video Day 3 – Yentel Caers is the 2019 European Freestyle Champion


Yentel Caers is the 2019 European Freestyle Champion

Continentseven: Congratulations to your first EFPT title and the third victory in a row. Did your dreams come true to step into the footsteps of Steven, your fellow country man?

Yentel Caers: Thanks a lot!!! First of all winning events is a dream for me and then to be able to win 3 events in a row and on top secure the European title… I can’t explain how happy I am. Steven is one of my best friends and helped me a lot during the past years. So I’m super happy to step into his footsteps! But don’t forget he is still ripping like crazy an kicking my ass sometimes.

The final result at the this year’s event in Lanzarote is almost similar with the 2018 result and the ranking of the top 4 is the same as last year. A flash back?

Yes, it was feeling the same as last year with just a bit lighter wind but great fun! Everyone was on fire, didn’t matter if you where in the final or first round. You had to give it all to win your heat.

Did you prepare differently for this season than you did last year? 

I have been training a lot over the winter, but that’s nothing special compared to the other sailors. I just feel really comfortable with my moves and I know I can land them in almost all conditions. I like to keep pushing and trying moves even when you will think it isn’t possible. Like in really light winds.

Yentel Caers wins at Costa Teguise again in 2019 (Photo: EFPT)

Belgium is a small country but why are the Belgian windsurfers collecting so many titles? Steven van Broeckhoven, Dieter van der Eyken and now you. Any secrets?

Good Question. If someone knows the answer please let me know.

What’s next?

I’ve just arrived in Fuerteventura and I am so ready to start training here for the PWA freestyle event , which will happen at the end of the month.

Thank you for the chat and good luck for the next events!