Yentel Caers, the PWA Freestyle World Champion and EFPT tour winner in 2019, showed a great performance in the first freestyle event after a long break. He made it in 3rd place. Watch some of his best moves from his heats. He was using the 4.8m and 5.2m in the competition and showed his signature Yentel “pop”. The Belgian lost his heat against Italian Jacopo Testa in the single elimination and by 0.02 points only in the double elimination, too. Threfore he missed to qualify for the final against Amado Vrieswijk in the double elimination. See below the heat points in this close decision.

Let’s hope a few more EFPT events will happen during the upcoming weeks and months.

Yentel Caers, the reigning PWA Freestyle World Champion & EFPT winner from 2019  with a short clip from the EFPT kick-off event at Lake Neusiedl, Austria – Video

Jacopo Testa vs Yentel Caers in the double elimination (Source: EFPT/Austria)

Jacopo Testa vs Yentel Caers in the double elimination. What a close decision! (Source: EFPT/Austria)