Russian freestyle pro and windsurfing coach from St. Petersburg Yegor Popretinskiy dreams about a windsurfing video game. With his latest freestyle windsurfing clip – he used a backmount and a 360° camera – the Russian wants to show what’s possible with modern end-consumer camera gear. Now, after the PWA final in Syltin Germany he returned to Egypt and will produce many more clips. Perhaps there’s anyone around, who is able to create a freestyle windsurfing video game together with Yegor’s knowledge in windsurfing.

“Have you ever wanted to play a video game about windsurfing? Realistic, with smooth physics, from third-person perspective, with user-friendly controls, games like Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater or EA Skate? I always dreamed about it! Watch my new 1 min video where I hope I could pass you sense of presence in such a game and drive of windsurfing. To be continued…” Yegor Popretinskiy

Yegor Popretinskiy spins around at his home spot Dahab, Egypt and films himself with mounted cameras