Yarden Meir (ISR-91) from Israel just announced that he sails for Goya in 2014. The 22 year old freestyle “powerhouse” left Loft Sails and is at the moment training in the Mediterranean Sea for the start of the season. “I’m happy to announce I joined the GOYA team! It’s a dream coming true for me to join the best team in the world. And to help GOYA be more visible in the freestyle scene. The gear works great!” (Yarden Meir)


Continentseven: Why did you stop the collaboration with Loft?
Yarden Meir: I wanted to work with Goya for many years and this year when my contract was finishd, I decided to give it another try.
Continentseven: Will there be any other riders on Goya in freestyle this season?
Yarden: Maybe Ian Mouro from Brazil if he decides to compete.
Continentseven: Did you negotiate with other brands too?
Yarden: Yes, but once Goya showed their interest, it was clear for me I will make my best efforts to work with them. I support their dedication for windsurfing.
Continentseven: How is the gear compared to gear from other brands, who invested years of development and many dollars to test and develop freestyle gear?
Yarden: The board really suprised me. It’s fast, forgiving and pops really well! I really really like it! And as for the sail, I am sure Marcilio was putting a lot of efforts into R&D. The sail is really balanced and works great. I think the Banzai really fits my style of sailing.
Yarden goes full power

Yarden goes full power (Pic: Michele Tagliafico)

Continentseven: What gear will you use this year?
Yarden: Air 99 and 4.2/4.8/5.3 Banzai.
Continentseven: What are your goals for 2014, or what are you dreaming of for the upcoming season?
Yarden: I want to make some good results on the PWA and EFPT. And also to make some really cool videos from all the trips.
Continentseven: You are on Sardinia right now, training at Sa Barra. How are the conditions?
Yarden: The conditions in Sa Barra are great, the wind is always around, from 5.3 to 4.2. There is perfect chop and perfect flat. I have to say I am super happy I chose this destination for training! Also everybody around is super friendly, and the food is great!
Continentseven: Excited about the EFPT competition in Podersdorf, Austria?
Yarden: Sure!! Like every year.


Continentseven: So, cu in Podersdorf and enjoy your time in Italy Yardi!


New school freestyle action

New school freestyle action