Israeli freestyle windsurfer Yarden Meir had to recover from a concussion caused by hard crashes during the summer in Fuerteventura 2017. All his plans were destroyed to stay a few more weeks and enjoy the great summer conditions on the Canary islands. Around 6 weeks after his injury in late July he regained health and power again. Concussions are critical what we know from scientific research in other sports like American football. Luckily Yarden recovered quick from his concussion. And what’s for sure: Yarden can crash hundred times having injuries, he never will lose his incredible style. This time he presents in “Semi multi colored concussion” some radical freestyle action filmed in Eilat, Israel, Gulf of Aquaba, where the windsurfing conditions are good all around the year. 

“I made this clip from a few clips that my friends filmed me during last couple of months, I also included my crash from Fuerteventura which ended up in a concussion and some hard bruises. All is good now. I’m back sailing and feel non of the pain.. But it did take a good 6 weeks to recover.” (Yarden Meir)

Filmed by: Adam Gavriel, Dor Zarka, Adam Sims, Arda Ohayon

Yarden Meir with radical freestyle windsurfing action filmed in Eilat, Israel