Yarden Meir presents himself in the role of an actor and windsurfer in a music video of a local band from Eilat, Israel. Very well done! We all know how great Yarden performs on the freestyle board, but we are impressed about his acting skills, too! Thumbs up Yardi!

Today I have something a little different! A music group from Eilat called “The burgler” just released their new single “Wish I was alive”. So I’m an actor in this clip. And also freestyle windsurfing from Eilat is featured. The idea was to show windsurfing to a wider audience by making a clip which features windsurfing and not windsurfing featuring a song. Freestyle windsurfer Yarden Meir from Eilat, Israel

Yarden Meir in the role of an actor & windsurfer in the music video of “The Burgler – Wish I Was Alive”