Xavier Frelin lives in Southern France and he sails Freestyle on a really high level: smooth double Flakas, onehanded Shakas, Flaka Diablos, Funnels, Forward Loops, Switch Chachos…

He sailed near Montpellier at la Grande Motte and Les Aresquiers. And as well at Six Fours and Carro/Fos Sur Mer. All the videoclips got filmed at these spots.

He commented his 3:22 min long clip, filmed by Ophelie Joly and Gauthier Bellagamba with following words:


“You will not find the last fashioned moves, but that’s not my goal. For me freestyle is more about the way you sail. I try to get as stylish as I can. I am not a pro windsurfer. The most important is: we were very lucky these last weeks, good north wind for freestyle and east wind for wave riding.” (XAVIER FRELIN, May 2012)