Kevin Pritchard is constantly working on new videos. His latest masterpiece is a movie about Graham Ezzy, who tells where his home is. KP tells a wonderful story and has taken extremely nice shots to produce “Writing and The Sea”. This film is more like a windsurfing poem than a classic action clip. But still the clip shows great action. Graham, the son of sailmaker David Ezzy, sails at Ho’okipa with full power and talks about his dedication to writing and the sea! We hooked up with Kevin, to ask a few questions about this new movie.  

Interview with Kevin Pritchard about the video Writing & the Sea


C7: For how long did you work on this piece?  All the beautiful water shots and the nice story, wow.

KP: We were working on it since we published Take 1.


C7: Looks like you are really able to produce completely different movies about windsurfing. Do you feel the same?

KP: I am still learning. The more we work, the more we learn. It is fun working with Graham and showing the world what this kid is doing on the water. He is pretty amazing out there. 


C7: You are working a lot with Graham. Is that a big help to know the “protagonist” very well to go more into it?

KP: It is fun to work with a guy you know for sure. He gives me time and energy and lets me run with my crazy ideas. I don’t know if you noticed but there is one shot of him swimming with his gear, no wind, out in the middle of the ocean. I had to talk him into going out on a stand up paddle board and rig up and get the shot. It is pretty cool that he did it for just one or two shots. 

Graham is floating in the ocean, directed by KP (Pic: Kevin Pritchard).

Graham is floating in the ocean, directed by KP (Pic: Kevin Pritchard).

C7: In each clip Graham mentions that he stopped competing. Do you think he would be still competitive?

KP: I think if they had starboard tack events, he would be up there for sure. 


C7: Did you read anything written by Graham? What is he writing actually?

KP: No, I read a screenplay once but other than that, I have yet to see his masterpieces.


C7: What helpful suggestion would you give go someone, who starts to work on videos with a story?

KP: I get a lot of inspiration from watching others. I am a hopeless romantic and so I love a story. It is fun to mix the two with windsurfing and story telling. Graham went to Princeton, he is educated, smart, and  he is amazing at storytelling, in my opinion. It will be fun to see what we come up with as well.


C7: What are your next plans, working and competing at the AWT?

KP: I am going to Santa Cruz but I will not be filming. I am in California right now with Graham and we are already starting on our next production. It should be cool and something different from Ho’okipa. 




If you feel like read the text from Graham without watching the video:


Writing and The Sea

No matter where I am, there are 2 constants. Writing and the sea. I feel uncomfortable inland and away from the coast. Or when I’m not writing. A month before I turned 18, I left Maui and pro windsurfing for 4 years and never really came back. While I studied Literature at Princeton, my heart anchored in New York.Before, when I left Maui, often for months at a time to compete on the world tour, I had the feeling that I was away and would return home to Hawaii. I’m not sure where home is now.

I’m homeless.

Since graduating from Princeton in 2011, I’m based on Maui, but I’m also back to Manhattan constantly. So many of my classmates have wound up in the city that I run into friends walking down the street or in random cafes getting a morning coffee. That happens on Maui too. But you expect it on an island in the middle of the ocean.

I write and I windsurf because I feel a need to. Sometimes both are miserable. But i still need to do them. Like breathing. Sometimes your nose is stuffed and you’re sick and you wish you just didn’t have to breath so that you could sleep but you have to breath. That’s what writing and windsurfing are for me.

I guess writing and the sea have become a sort of home for me. I’ve spent over 1 year– over 8765 hours– of my life at sea. Virgins to the sea can’t read the wind in the whitecaps. I suppose it’s like that more and more. So the sailor’s who’ve circumnavigated the globe see things in the sea that are invisible even to me.

The sea is an ever changing chaos. Riding waves, especially massive waves, is a meditation on reacting unconsciously. If you think, you’re too slow and will get beat down. Writing, surprisingly is the same. The blank page stares back at the pen. Challenging it. Think about it too much: writers block.

The wave and the page offer infinite possibility and potential.mThese two massive chaotic sources of unknowns have become a sort of home where I can be myself, whoever that is.

I don’t know if writing and windsurfing have any grand meaning or add an value to the world. But they are my home for now, the only home I’ve got. It’s what I do.

© 2013, Kevin Pritchard, Graham Ezzy, Photos for beers