The 4th winter windsurfing European cup event „WWEC 2010 Mezezers” will take place at sports complex „Mezezers” in Latvia on February 19-21.

Winter windsurfing season is at its peak and the WWEC events follow each after other. Just one week after the 3rd European cup event „WWEC 2010 Hanko”, winter windsurfers will gather for the 4th event in Latvia.

This year everyone is warmly welcomed to the sports complex “Mezezers” in Aizkraukles district, P?avi?as (about 120 km from Riga) where on February 19-21 the competition for the European cup will go on.

After exciting races in Lithuania and Finland, there are still no particular leaders in the overall ranking. Latvians have performed very well in the slalom discipline, Aleksandrs Leontjevs took the first place in Lithuania and Janis Preiss easily won the last WWEC event in Finland, while Lithuanians and Finns have won their home races in course discipline. The further it goes the more interesting it becomes.

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