German freestyle windsurfing addict Wolfgang “Woife” Strasser (G-759) spent more than a month on the Mediterranean island Sardinia, where the wind was definitely on. Woife had 30 sessions on the water during his trip in February and March. The temperatures were quite fine. The air was around 12° – 17° and the water around 14°, what’s not bad for the winter months. Woife sailed a lot in high wind conditions, almost alone on the water and again improved his freestyle skills. It’s great to see how much Woife loves the windsurfing life and the freestyle despite he suffers cancer and a lot of pain.

Sardinia’s north has fast changing weather and wind situations and can be hit by strong Mistral wind, what makes the spot so exciting. Woife filmed a few impressive cloud atmospheres and trees swinging in the 35 knots+ strong wind


Wolfgang Strasser at Porto Pollo and surrounding spots in Sardinia, Italy