Windsurfing Jaws – Jason Polakow and Robby Swift Jan 23

Windsurfing Jaws conditions is special! And watching Robby Swift and Jason Polakow riding these massive waves, also. According to Robby this day in Jaws was special as the swell was bigger and faster than expected. Luckily Jason Polakow came out of his crash unscathed.

This was one of the biggest and fastest moving swells I have experienced at Jaws. I was happy to catch quite a few waves and come out unscathed. My good friend Jason Polakow had a slightly rougher experience with 2 bad wipeouts but happily he lived to tell the tale!

Read what Jason Polakow wrote about windsurfing Jaws this special day below the video. 

Windsurfing Jaws – Jason Polakow and Robby Swift January 2023

Videography: Jace Panebianco / Poor Boyz Productions Slater Neborsky / Soul Creations Jackson McMuldren / Nahoia Kai Productions Elliot Leboe / ACL Productions Jake Miller / Aerial Video Maui

Jason Polakow via Facebook, Jan 23: 

“Extremely frustrating day for me at jaws .
Everything that could go wrong, did .
I wiped out on my first wave and ended up on the rocks. My gear somehow got wrapped around a boulder, right at the bottom of the shore- break. It was so massive inside I had to wait for the perfect time to slide down and get the mast track off the board. I tried multiple times, and eventually my luck ran out and a rouge wave hit myself and the gear and ripped the deck-box out of the board .
I had extra gear in the channel so I tried two completely crazy attempts to paddle out through the shore break, each time going over the falls backwards and back onto the slippery boulders with hundreds of spectators cheering and screaming. It really was a complete shit-show at that point. I decided the only option was to do the long walk up the cliff and hitch-hike down to Paia, get another ski and blast back up to jaws. By now, the 2hrs of rock demolitions with the shore break had taken its toll on my body and I was beaten up badly and needing stitches in my foot, but I wanted more , as I knew the swell was building for the afternoon session. I arrived back at 4pm to see the sets bombing, so I rigged up and once again I wiped out on my first wave and went straight back on the rocks. I’m totally dead now laying in bed, cut and banged up from head to toe, but glad not to be seriously injured.
Live to fight another day, but I’m still so pissed I missed out on this special massive day.”

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