In the middle of October the third Windmeet event took place at lake Pierrelatte (located between Lyon and the south of France in the Rhône valley) and was organized by the windsurfteam “La Bar” (Brigade Antipetole du Rhone). The “WindMeet freestyle Competitions” are a series of events created by the French freestyle windsurfer Julien Mas, whose goal is to gather the French freestyle crowd for contests and parties.

In gusty 10 to 25 knots, 24 riders took part at this third WindMeet event and among them were top-class names, like Julien Mas, Leo Ray or Bastien Rama. And it was no surprise that Julien Mas and Leo Ray met in the final and showed freestyle action on the highest level. In the end Continentseven teamrider Julien Mas took the victory. Congratulations, keep on rocking!!!

The spot

Julien Mas

Pierre Garambois is one of the three organizers and already looking forward to the next event: “We all think that WindMeet put forward the idea of a new French Freestyle tour, and we’re already planning and looking forward to the next event in the south French soon!”


Result “WindMeet n°3 by La BAR”
1. Julien Mas
2. Léo Ray
3. Thierry Castillan
4. Yannick Moulin
5. Bastien Rama
6. Benjamin Panel
7. Ludovic Poisson, Xavier Frelin, Greg Geliot, Kevin Ema-Otu, Kevin Vanotti, Sebatien Noiseau
13. Eric Touret, Jordan Ema-Otu, Brieuc Airault, Gauthier Bellagamba, Tristan et Colin Leclerc, Yann Pach, Denis Squaratti, Baptiste Mure, Mickaël Marillat, Mirco frebel