Jibing completely in the air, just with the tip of the fin in the water. Watch the clip of Benjamin Tiller windfoiling (hydro windsurfing or foil boarding) around in 15 knots in the bay of Noumea at Anse Vata in New Caledonia. Looks like he has got some skills and has a lot of control and good speed already. His jibes are completed in the air 100%. He calls the move “The real Air Jibe”. But the wind is strong and would be enough for classic windsurfing and normal Air Jibes, too. Anyway, the way of windsurfing looks different. Benjamin described the feeling: “Jibing full in the air is just amazing.”

He now uses bigger sail sizes compared to the past. This time he was on a 5.9m racing sail in 15 knots.  “I didn’t have enough stability to use the power of the sail in the past. Now the foil is much more stable, so in the speed mode I can use bigger sails to go faster! And get better angles of upwind and downwind. In the freeride mode smaller sails are enough to fly!” Benjamin Tiller about the choice of bigger sail sizes on the windfoil.


Foil windsurfing obviously can be an option for light wind conditions, but needs a cost intense foil. There are a few guys experimenting on foils for windsurfing boards, like Bruno Andre from AHD for instance, who actually windfoils at Lake Garda.


Benjamin Tiller on the windfoil at Noumea