Tobias Bjørna is a young talented wave windsurfer from Denmark’s hotspot Cold Hawaii. As the son of Mads, who belongs to the best wave riders in Denmark, he grows up in a windsurfing environment which helps a lot to learn fast. In 2018 Tobias participated in the PWA youth events for the first time and with success. He won the PWA Wave Champion title in the U13 category. Tobias, who rides for the Fanatic Grom & Duotone Nowkidz team, has big plans in the future. He wants to become a regular competitor on the PWA Wave World Tour.

Tobias Bjørna won in the U-13 PWA wave category in Tenerife in 2018

Tobias Bjørna won in the U-13 PWA wave category in Tenerife in 2018

Who is Tobias Bjørna?

Continentseven: How old are you?
Tobias Bjørna: I am 12 years, but will turn 13 on March 31.

Where do you live? I live in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii, Denmark.

How did you start windsurfing? My dad started to take me, my sister and friends to the local lake in Klitmøller when I was 5 years old. I have been windsurfing for for 7 years now.

When did you start to windsurf in waves? Three years ago I sailed my first waves in Hanstholm. Here is a link to a little video from that day.  

What was the biggest wave you’ve ever rode? Quite often we have big waves in Hanstholm and I go out until they reach a height around 3.5 m, what’s over mast high for me. If the waves get bigger it’s a bit too scary at the moment.

Tobias feels home in waves (Photo: byCarter/PWAworldtour)

12 years old Tobias already feels home in waves (Photo: byCarter/PWAworldtour)

What’s your home spot? My home sport is Cold Hawaii and that’s mostly Hanstholm and Klitmøller, but there are a 1000 other good spots for wave or flat water windsurfing nearby.

What’s your favorite windsurfing move at the moment? It’s definitely the Push Forward. This move looks really cool! I would like to learn that move in the future.

Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment? Right now I am working on Back loops and Front loops. The Front loops are already pretty good, but I would like to make them higher. The Back loop is more difficult, but I got a good tip from Kenneth Danielsen and landed 7 Back loops the other day. 

Tobias Bjorna rotates through Forward loop  (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

Tobias Bjørna rotates through Forward loop at El Cabezo last August (Photo: Carter/PWAworldtour)

What is your most used and favorite gear set up? I am super happy with my Fanatic grip XS 60L, Duotone 3,6 Now, K4 fins Scorcher 14cm and Sharks front fins 9cm. It so easy and fun to sail on.

What’s your size and weight? I am 170 cm tall and my weight is 45 kilos at the moment.

Do you have tips for other kids who want to start wave surfing? Yes, get some light real kids wave sails not your fathers old heavy ones! Start in really small waves, maybe in light wind, too, just get used to the power of the waves.

You are PWA Wave Champion U13. How does this sound? Crazy but really nice. too. It’s a dream come true.

Would you have thought to win? No. The other guys sailed really well. It was difficult but fun competing against Pepe Krause, Carlos Kiefer Quintana, Giulio Gasperini and Alonso Camara. They all really rip.

Tobias Bjorna made it on the top spot of the podium in Pozo Izquierdo in 2018.

Tobias Bjørna made it on the top spot of the podium in Pozo Izquierdo in 2018.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? I see myself windsurfing a lot, doing the PWA wave tour and spending time in South Africa and Maui over the winter.

Do you have any idols in windsurfing? My idol is Victor Fernandez. He is a really nice guy and he sails really good in all conditions.

What do you like about windsurfing? I like most that you always can improve and alway have fun at the same time. I also like the speed and power created by the sail.

What do you like besides windsurfing? I like to ride my scooter, to surf and jump on the trampoline.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in 2019!

Tobias and Carlos celebrate together in El Medano

Tobias and Carlos celebrate together in El Medano

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