Nicole Bandini (ITA-613) is a 16 year-old windsurfing lady from Italy. She is extremely motivated and has big goals. Nicole left her home town Forli and moved to Sant’Antioco on Sardinia to be able to windsurf more: “In my home town Forli (Emiglia Romagna) it is difficult to find good freestyle and wave conditions, but Sardinia is perfect for both. The Windsurfing Club Sa Barra is my freestyle home spot where I usually train myself with Gigi Madeddu and all the SaBarraStyle project riders.” But in the next sentence she told us, that she will probably move again and is going to live in Tenerife. Nicole is one of a few young girls, who sees a future in windsurfing. Last year, she did her first international event on Tenerife and just recently at the AWT Caboverde event she managed to win the Single Elimination. The Moreno twins started windsurfing, when they were older than Nicole is now and dominated the female wave scene for almost 15 years and there are just a few young girls on tour, like Fiona Wylde (18), Alice Arutkin (23) or Sarah-Quita Offringa (23). So, the Italian has a good chance to get the necessary skills during the next years and be on top.

Watch her video with English subtitles showing windsurfing action from Sardinia and South Africa. Additionally we caught up with her, to get more infos.


Nicole Bandini in her video from South Africa

edited by Gianluca Napthalina Camparesi
filmed by Gianni Gaudenzi & Simone Bandini (dad of Nicole)


Interview with Nicole Bandini


Continentseven: You won the first round of the AWT Caboverde Pro. How did this feel? 
Nicole Bandini: It was amazing! I was in a heat with three strong girls and it was incredible to win. 

Continentseven: When and where were you born?
Nicole Bandini: I was born in 1998 in Forlí (Italy), on August 30.

Continentseven: How long have you been windsurfing and how did you start? 
Nicole Bandini: I started when I was 6, in Chia, southern Sardinia. My dad does windsurfing and he taught me all what I know.

Continentseven: Which moves do you practise at the moment?
Nicole Bandini: In freestyle I’m trying the Grubby and the Flaka, in waves I already landed Forwards, but I have to get better and I’m trying Backloops. 

Continentseven: What do you like about windsurfing?
Nicole Bandini: Windsurfing for me is being free. I love waves because you have to understand them, for example for the timing. I love the adrenalin when I ride waves and competing is amazing. 

Continentseven: Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Nicole Bandini: All the pros are my idols… Kauli Seadi, Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne, Camille Juban, Philip Köster, Thomas Traversa and so many more! 

Continentseven: What is your favorite move?
Nicole Bandini: I like the Forward, but right now I prefer Backloops or Pushloops. 

Continentseven: What do you like besides windsurfing?
Nicole Bandini: I did many sports, but windsurfing is my passion. 

Continentseven: What is your goal in windsurfing?
Nicole Bandini: I would like to win the PWA World Tour one day, but I know that I have to work a lot, so I’m training…


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