Jamie O’Brien, worldclass shortboard surfer and Kai Lenny, one of the most talented young watermen, had a tandem windsurf session at Maui together. Watch the action and you will be impressed how less time it takes to do a waterstart. Jamie is a big name in the surfing scene and his twitter slogan could fit for windsurfing, too: “Waves look better with me on them!” But not now. It needs some more lessons with Kai. But perhaps Jamie would be the first one riding the tube with a windsurfer, as he knows very well how to surf it.

He grew up and lives at the North Shore of Oahu, just next to Pipeline. Pipeline is a dangerous spot, which took him many times to hospital. Jamie was not scared at all to step on a tandem windsurfing board together with Kai and had wild crashes from the beginning on. In the end he had a heavy crash planing straight on the beach, where they lost their fin. But Kai, who is a worldclass windsurfer himself, tought Jamie very well how to windsurf. Watch the action!


Check out wha Jamie has posted during the last days and weeks on twitter.