The freestyle windsurfer from Belgium got injured during a Pushloop landing at the first PWA freestyle event in Mui Ne, Vietnam. We were wondering, how Steven is doing and if he will be fit for the next PWA freestyle event in Podersdorf, Austria. You can follow Steven as well on his new Facebook page.


Steven van Broeckhoven – Pic: PWA/John Carter


C7: In Vietnam you got injured. How did it happen?
Steven: It was the heat against Tonky, I had a really good heat but Tonky was killing me with Pushloops and Backloops. I knew that I should go for some jump but couldn’t find the ramp. So, I decided to try a Pushloop without a wave, I rotated really low with a bad landing and my knee went backwards. It was really painfull but didn’t want to lose my heat so tried too finish my heat and I did. Afterwards on the beach, my knee got fat and felt really unstable.


C7: What is the exact diagnosis of your injury?
Steven: I have a bonebruise, so I´m happy there is nothing wrong with ligaments and meniscus.


C7: In Vietnam you decided to stop to compete, because of your injury. Have you been on the water since Vietnam?
Steven: After I knew it was just a bone bruise, I wanted to try sailing, but the doctor told me to go slowly because it takes 6 weeks before the bone will be strong enough and the best is, to start with swimming and cycling. But last week I tried some easy sliding moves in light wind and I had no problem. Now I booked a ticket to Dahab for training slowly and soon I will be on high level again. So, that I´m ready for Podersdorf.


Steven van Broeckhoven Vietnam – Pic: PWA/John Carter

C7: Do you think, you lost now a bit ground being injured and not being able to train full power?
Steven: No, I lose nothing. Sometimes it is ok to take a break after a compitition, before you start training again. Now I have a bit more time to think how to train and how to compete.


C7: Is this your first injury in your windsurfing career?
Steven: Yes


C7: And what is the goal for this event?
Steven: 1st


Steven van Broeckhoven in Vietnam- Pic: PWA/John Carter

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