The Red Sea in Egypt is a great windsurfing destination: blue water, warm and windy throughout the whole year. Valdimir Yakovlev, the Russian freestyle windsurfer with the sail number RUS-99, got a yacht shuttle and windsurfed at Hurghada islands, which looks like a freestyle paradise. 

“You can’t even imagine how many riding options you can get, having a yacht. You are no longer dependent on a station, beach, hotel, not even on the weather condition. You just follow the sea searching the perfect condition and spots. A lot of pro windsurfers choose exactly this way of riding – traveling on the yacht and riding paradise spots. I’ve never windsurfed so close to my house. Just one step and you are already on the water. Enjoying flat water bays and strong winds. Moreover, there is only a couple of your friends around and nobody else for many kilometers.” (Vladimir Yakovlev)

Russian freestyler Valdimir Yakovlev windsurfed in remote bays at Hurghada islands, Egypt