It has been the third winter in Mui Ne in Vietnam for the Russian freestyle windsurfer Vladimir Yakovlev.


Vladimir: “Stable wind, warm water and low prices are something that tend to bring me here every winter. This year I spent one month of pure training and learned some new tricks, such as Tukan, Switch Clock, Air Skopu. During the second month I was coaching. Our windsurf-clinic “WindPro” was based on the Surf4You windsurf station which has a perfect location for teaching people of all levels. The most interesting adventure appeared to be our trip to another spot, situated not far from the Phan Rang town. Davy, Yarden and Michael showed me that place last year. We went there for 5 days with friends to ride clear, flat water and enjoy an amazing landscape. The only disadvantage of the place is shallow water. Sometimes we had to wait for a tide till 2 o’clock in order to be able to surf without catching stones with our fins. But the good thing is that the water is so clean that you can easily see those stones and simply avoid them. Next year I am planning to go to Vietnam again and visit another new spot, an island called “skate park”. Wind there is strong enough for the 3.8 sail and waves are good for jumping.”