Vladimir Yakovlev (RUS-99) landed a lot of radical freestyle moves at Prasonisi during summer 2015. Prasonisi, located on the southern most end of the Greek island Rhodes, is a fun spot, which offers flat water and onshore wave conditions at one spot.

“It’s my freestyle video from Rhodes. Unfortunately this summer I was not able to train as much as I wanted at Prasonisi, Rhodes. I missed half of the windy days because of work and small injuries. And there were not so much windy days this season. Just a couple of time I was able to have a good ride on my 4.2m sail and 92l board. And I was also lucky to have Kostja and Alex to film me. Jan also helped me and made a video from his kite. This is my first video made with airviews and I am really thankful for you guys!” Vladimir Yakovlev


Vladimir Yakovlev at Prasonisi, Rhodos, Greece with rad freestyle action