The Russian freestyler Vladimir Yakovlev (RUS-99) spent his fourth summer on Rhodos, Greece. He stayed at Prasonisi in a little appartment. Prasonisi is a cool place with a sand lobe, which connects the big island with a smaller  island. The spot has a flat water spot on the southern side and a onshore wave spot on the northern side of this sand lobe. Vladimir sailed most of the time on the southern bay, where the conditions are great for flat water freestyle.


Vladimir Yakovlev: “At Prasonisi I teach windsurfing, train and shoot videos. Each year my level of riding is growing. I learn more difficult tricks. This clip includes the most beautiful and best shots of my summer trainings.” 


Vladimir has a really high level, he lands many moves in double variations or one handed very clean and as well made it on the podium at Brutal Beach in the tow in event finishing in 2nd. 


Vladimir Yakovlev in Prasonisi, Rhodos, Greece during the summer 2013