After a very successful windsurfing season, the German racer Vincent Langer (27) changes his equipment sponsors. Together with Gunnar Asmussen and Sebastian Kördel, he forms the German racing elite, who scores big at international events, too. In contrast to his colleagues Asmussen and Kördel, Langer  has not been seen very often at international Slalom events, but maybe his new sponsors RRD and Point-7 give him a new push and we maybe will see him more often at international Slalom competitions. After finishing his study he can now focus more on training and he has made the first step for a successful season 2014. Vincent will spend his whole winter on Tenerife to prepare as best as possible for the upcoming season. 


Point-7 honcho Andrea Cucchi is happy to have Vincent back on the team: “Vincent came to my house in Xmas dressed up like father Xmas for my 2 small girls last year. Vincent is not only a great sportman, but also a good friend who we love to spend time with.  He was in our team from 2009 to 2011, and even when he was not with us for 2 years, he was anyway part of our training program specially in the winter.  I sailed a lot with him in Tenerife in the last years, and he joined our Black Team program on the water.  He knows how our team works, and I believe this is also a reason, apart from the fast sails, why he is happy to join us again. I believe Vincent has high potential to achieve great results also at the PWA world tour. He has been at the very top in Germany in the last years, and now it’s time for him to go for the next step. We need to boost up his beleif in his dream and he will get what he wants. We have now a new distribution network in Germany through Liquid sports, driven by former World Cup racer Phillip Horn, and I believe that this combination will give great support to our Point-7 friends in the country. With Phillip and Vincent we have planned many different activities which will be displayed through out the year to give service, support, information and fun. We are all very excited to have Vincent back because we all know that he was always black in the inside.”


Vincent Langer on Tenerife

Vincent Langer on Tenerife – Pic: Arno Ufen


Continentseven: The 2013 season is over. You had a lot events and many highlights, like the 2nd place in the IFCA Worlds or the German Champion title. Satisfied?

Vincent Langer: Yes, I had 13 events, so quite a lot. The 2nd place on the IFCA Slalom Worlds was good, too, but the goal for the overall German Champion was much more important for me.


Continentseven: In 2013 you were on Severne and especially in Formula Racing very fast in the German Cups? Now you will change back to the Black Team. What are the reasons for that?

Vincent Langer: I had an amazing season in Germany, was winning all events, had a lot of coverage with more then 20 pages in the German Surf Magazin, but the German Starboard and Severne importer did not get any support for me from International. So I just got better deals from other companies. I had many offers, but I chose Point-7 because of the very good relationship to Andrea Cucchi. 


Continentseven: What makes the Black Team and Point-7 so special for you?

Vincent Langer: I think it is Andrea. He is like a father, keeping the family together, push them for training and not do it because of money, because of love to the Windsurfsport. 


Continentseven: Did you test the 2014 sails already and if yes, how is the performance.

Vincent Langer: I think there are no bad sails on the marked any more. The differences are small, but for sure in top speed there is no faster sail on the course.


Continentseven: Is it perhaps the 9,9 m in their line? You are always very fast on your biggest set. 

Vincent Langer: I sailed a lot of Formula in last last years and really love it. I am able to go really fast with big sails. My best equipment was always the 9,6 and the big Board, but to be honest, I am not sure if I will use the 9,9! I think the 9,3 is powerful enough…


Vincent Langer on Tenerife - Pic: Arno Ufen

Vincent Langer on Tenerife – Pic: Arno Ufen

Continentseven: You also changed you board sponsor. Why?
Vincent Langer: After I made my decision to change my sails it was not possible for me to get a good deal at Straboard. And to be honest, I always liked the boards. Even when I was a kid I always said to my father: If I will grow up I will sail RRD. So now it is time for that.
Continentseven: Did you already try them?
Vincent Langer: Right now we are on Tenerife for testing. I had some good days on the 129 boards. Sure it is different to my old Starboards, but I feel fast an comfortable. I think it was a good choice.


Continentseven: You are not only very successful on the race course, you as well study and are a very committed supporter of the German Youth windsurfing generation. Can you tell us a bit more about your project?

Vincent Langer: I just finished my master of education. I studied sports and history. After windsurfing I will be a teacher on the college. I really love children and last year I organized a Kids Camp the first time. (Vincent Langer Kids Camp) It was a great success and we will do a bigger event next year again! And I have a trainig Group of Formula and Slalom Young Guns in Kiel. I try to give them some experience I have made in the last years. I think that is the only way to get kids in the racing circle. When I was young I was looking up to my idols but I never got any help. I do it differently and I hope that other good guys will follow!


Continentseven: How will your winter look like?

Vincent Langer: I will stay the whole winter on Tenerife and will train as hard as I can. Gym, Windsurfing, Gym, Windsurfing….


Continentseven: Ambitions and goals for 2014? More international events?

Vincent Langer: Goal for sure is the German champion title again. But also PWA events, some German Events and the Formula and IFCA Worlds. We have at least 7 big events in Germany, so I guess much more than other countries. For my sponsors it was always very important  that I compete in Germany, because that is one of the biggest markets in the world. But for next year I promise some more international events. 


Vincent Langer on Tenerife - Pic: Arno Ufen

Vincent Langer on Tenerife – Pic: Arno Ufen


Continentseven: How are your chances in the PWA World Cup. Is it possible to make it in the top 10 for you?

Vincent Langer: Let’s see. Look at Matteo! After a winter full of training a lot of things are possible.


Continentseven: How is the level in the German Cup compared to the PWA. You already had great results in single eliminations or at a single event. 13th at the Sylt event in 2012!!

Vincent Langer: Our level is not like in France, but for sure not bad. With Bernd, Sebastian and Gunnar we have some some guys with a lot of potential. And some Young Guns are coming, I promise!


Continentseven: Is the racing scene in Germany “healthy” and growing at the moment?

Vincent Langer: I am not sure if it is growing, but for sure it is not getting smaller. All guys from other countries are always impressed about our events and our scene. I think compared to all other countries in Europe we are alive!


Continentseven: If you have  a look on the 2013 season. How was the percentage of windsurfing: Formula, Slalom, free sailing on Freeride, Freestyle or Wave gear?

Vincent Langer: 70 percent Slalom, 28 percent Formula, 1,5 percent of Waveriding and 0,5 percent of Freestyle.


Continentseven: Wishes for 2014?

Vincent Langer: Health for me and my family, lots of fun in the water, the german champion title and happy sponsors!


Continentseven: Thanks for the interview and good luck!