We haven’t heard much from the Greek freestyle sailor Stam Promponas during the last year. He used to compete at EFPT events and send a lot of videos, but Stam has not been just hanging around, he has opened a windsurfing school at his home spot Naxos and he became father of a little baby boy in the beginning of this year. Watch his new video and read our little interview below. 


Continentseven: How was the Meltemi season this summer in Greece?

Stam: We had a bit strange summer this year! It was windy full power during July and September and during August it windy only in the mornings.
Continentseven: Which moves are you practicing at the moment?
Stam: I did not sail us much us I could because I had to do many many things this summer! When I was on the water I was trying Spock into Culo, Kabikutschi and Skopu to the other tack.
Continentseven: You used to compete at EFPT events, but we do not see you anymore at these events. Why not?
Stam: I used to go in most EFPT events for fun because I was never being pro rider with sponsors and cash budget to travel! I competed once just for fun at a PWA event on Fuerteventura 2010. I was lucky it was windy for my favorite sails 4.0 – 4.4  and I finished 15th and i enjoyed it a lot!!! To be honest, it was good to go and enjoy everything without feeling stress because of the result! On 3rd of January I became a father and now it’s more difficult to stay away from my son Stefanos. It’s something much more important than everything else, but if any event takes place close to here I will go for sure!
Continentseven: You have recently opened your own windsurfing center? Where is it and which services do you offer?
Stam: Yes, finally I opened my own windsurfing center “Laguna Beach park” at Laguna Naxos Greece at the spot where I learnt windsurfing back in 1996. The center is opened from the end of March until the end of October and we offer first of all a pleasant, friendly environment, beautifully decorated with recycled materials! We offer rental (Tabou, Gaastra), beginner courses, storage and advanced courses for Flaka, Spock, Speedloop and all switch stance moves. SUP is really nice, too ’cause the spot its perfect for cruising!