The Brazilian windsurfer Levi Lenz made a new video from his homecountry and he also told us some info about the clip. “Most of the video was filmed in Icaraizinho, wich is one of my favorite places to sail. We have diferent conditions to sail there during the day, like in the low tide we can do perfect freestyle and with the tide comming up it´s really good for jumping, and sometimes we can have fun on a front side little wave. The clips was also filmed in Paracuru, the best jumping spot that we have here, which is only one hour driving from Fortaleza, where I live. And also, there are some images from Praia do Futuro, which is the main beach here in Fortaleza and only 3 minutes driving from my house. Praia do Futuro is a on-shore wave spot, where we sail almost everyday just in front of my beach bar, “Guarderia Brasil”. Guarderia is how we call the place, where we keep the equipment, so it is, a restaurant, bar and a place to keep our windsurfing gear.”