A quite different windsurfing movieclip by Tormod Martinsen filmed on Maui in fall 2010 featuring Levi Siver, Jason Polakow, Robby Naish, Keith Teboul and more.


Read what Tormod writes about his Movie:
This video was first meant for FB, with collections of friends and so on as a look forward to come back to Maui in the fall 2011, β€œI am ready”. But when I worked on it the quality started to come up to vimeo level so I decided to put extra work on it, I retained the friends there and also added in video/pictures of the pros. I even added myself in the video, which turn down the average a lot in skills of windsurf, but keep it up in fear and happyness.
My goal with this video was also to practise in edit sync between music video and and pictures.
I am from the start not a big fan about stillphotoes in a collage like this, but I have a lot of nice photos taken so I gave it a try. My goal was also to put in classical music. As a listener to all kinds of music, I have tried classical music in watersport projects before but without cuccsess and ended out with other music in the final render, but here, I think Mozart suits quite well. If some of the stills are boring, I recommend you to be patient and wait for some of the slow mo video parts. I am a slow mo fan, and my goal with this project was also to practice editing extreme slow mo. In the slow mo parts there are still some unwanted warping disturbances in some frames, so I can be even better in this. Some of the video shots has been used before, but here in a different style. Maybe some of the slow mo parts also will go into a video-only project later on.
The shots are taken on Maui mostly fall 2010, but there are also some from 2009, 2008 and 2007.
The shots are mostly done with Canon 7D and much with Canon EF 100-400mm lens. A few shots are done with GoPro.
The video is edited in After Effect, and plug-ins used are AF built inn plug-ins, one plug-in from RE:Vision Effects for the slow mo parts, and some plug-ins from Red Giant in special for color correction. The rendered result was then compressed in QuickTime 7 pro, as an H264 mov file before it was uploaded to vimeo.
I look foward to shoot more video in the fall of 2011, but windsurf and surf are always first priority.