4 days are over at the Gran Canaria 2016 Wind & Waves PWA World Cup. So far we didn’t see enough swell for any heats in the pro fleets. In the meantime the kids got the chance to show their skills in the bay of Pozo. They get judged by PWA pro judges. On day 2 and day 4 two full rounds got completed. 24 kids in three different age groups were competing this year. So the amount of participants is growing year by year, what’s a strong sign in the youth windsurfing group.

And the kids rocked on the water. The youngest, the 12 to 13 year old ones ride the waves with style, land high jumps or even rotate through Spin Loops. Great to watch. Marino, the Pozo local even lands Back Loops and Backside Aerials and dominates this age group.

The group of the 14 to 15 year old kids sees a few more riders who can win. After two rounds it’s Italian Pasquale who has the lead. He rides waves till the beach and he has a great timing on the waves. He as well lands Forwards and Back Loops. On his heels are Miguel Chapuis and Henri Kohlberg. In total 10 kids are competing in this group.

The oldest kids, the 16 to 18 year old ones, have the highest level on the water. Actually Noah Vöcker Roche and Loick Lesauvage share the first place after two full rounds. Julian Salmonn, injured his ankle and is actually out of the game. Max Hochgrassl sits in third place.