Just one day after Northsails, one of the big market players in windsurfing, sayed good-bye to some riders of their team (Björn Dunkerbeck, Taty Frans and Peter Volwater) they released the news, that Victor Fernandez will join Northsails for the future.

Victor Fernandez with his old Simmer sails / Pic: Simmersail

Victor Fernandez with his old Simmer sails / Pic: Simmersail



Simmer Team Captain Kai Katchadourian:
” We thank Victor very much for being a dedicated team rider and for his feedback and professionalism. With no hard feelings on our end, we wish him the best. There have been many memories shared out on water together, and no matter what sails he will be using now, we will always remember him as a member of our Simmer family. Good luck Victor, see you out there, and thank you for being an integral part of the team.”

Victor Fernandez:
“North gives me a great opportunity to develop the right equipment to win with. Being in the North Team motivates me a lot on my way to the wave title!!!”

Raoul Joa, North Sails Line & Product Manager:
“Victor is maybe the most professional pro windsurfer I ever met. Always friendly and 100% dedicated. He is not only a brilliant wave sailor but also equipped with a lot of knowledge about windsurf sails, which will support our wave sail R&D work a lot”.

Here is an actual interview with Victor:

North Sails: Why North and where do you see the biggest strengths at your new sail brand North Sails?

Victor: I always wanted to be in a big team like North Sails. North Sails gives me the big chance to not only be a pro rider but also be very deeply involved into their R&D. The pro rider team, the whole R&D team and the product/marketing/sales team in the international headquarter is very committed to the sport itself and driven by very good characters. North has a lot to offer me with its big innovative range of equipment and very smart marketing machinery. I want to provide the best of my ability to them. North Sails is the no. 1 sail brand which is the best premise to reach my biggest goal as pro windsurfer.


North sails: Which goals do you want to reach together with North Sails / Fanatic in mid and long term?

Victor: My main goal is to become Wave World Champion one day, so North/Fanatic are giving me a good opportunity to improve my sailing and working with a great team. I´m very motivated for the upcoming years.


North Sails: Who will be your main competitors on the PWA wave tour 2009?

Victor: I´m sure most of the guys on tour but mainly the top 10 from last year. Kauli, Jonas, Angulo, Kevin, Marcilio,etc…it´s going to be an exciting year!


North Sails: How important is your family for your professional career?

Victor: My family has always been very important to me. I always have the big support of my parents and friends to keep living that life as a professional windsurfer cause they know it is what I love since I´m a kid.


North Sails: Which will be the winner move/jump on the PWA tour 09?

Victor: I guess in jumping spots the push loop forward and doubles forward will be the main moves coming up next year on tour.


North Sails: Do you have a personal trainer or constant training partner?

Victor: I have personal trainers (Xavier Huart and Didier Rochette) but they don´t travel with me. We see each other for a week or two where we go training together with other riders of different sports as surfing or motocross. They see how I feel on that week and after they send me different programs of training during the year.


North Sails: What are your plans before the PWA wave season starts in 09?

Victor: Right now I´m in Chile for 1 month doing a trip with Klaas Voget. After here I will stop in Spain for December. In January my plan is to go to Cape Town and then Cabo Verde for the first PWA wave contest.