Last Saturday (January 18) more than 200 water sport addicts have gathered at Vargas Beach on Gran Canaria to take part in the demonstration against the closing of “Playa de Vargas” for cars. For everybody who has not followed the topic, the “Demarcation of Coast and Ports” (coastline office)  has closed the access a few weeks ago without warning (Link: Article about the closing).


The German slalom sailor Oliver Tom Schliemann reports for us from Gran Canaria.


The demonstration was well organized and took place in a peaceful atmosphere. All agreed that a solution must be found quickly and you immediately noticed that the water sports enthusiasts are a big family. The barrier is still there, but you can open it and all water sports enthusiasts can drive to the beach until the long-term solution for all beaches is found. 

The mayor from Aguimes: “We have always stood behind the surfers and will continue to do everything we can to support windsurfing and kitesurfing at our beaches. We were very surprised when the coastline office has locked the access to the beach. But after all we are heading in the right direction to find a solution that will satisfy everybody.”


The organizer: The event was a great success. Numerous water sport addicts have gathered on the beach and have done everything, to keep one of the most important beaches on Gran Canaria like it is. Only by the great support of all we were able to find an interim solution that allows us surfers to use the beach again until all the authorities come to a final solution.”