Tonky Frans from Bonaire is one of the worldbest freestyle windsurfers. He lives on the island of Bonaire, trains on the Lac Bay and could keep his level up for many years. At the last PWA freestyle event on Lanzarote he finished in third position. Tonky has a unique style and can create in all wind conditions a lot of action: he can nail big Shakas in Pozo or slide through Double Spocks in 12 knots on Lake Neusiedl.

Tonky also created moves like the Forward into Flaka or the Flaka Shaka combos. In the following videoclip by Sofa Movielab you can get more into it, how Tonky ticks. It´s an uncut version of him talking while the this years Freestyle event at Austria in early may 2010 about his life. Watch it!

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