For windsurfers Gran Canaria means strong wind (most of the time). Tomer Shamgar travelled from Israel to Gran Canaria in the second week of March to score exactly these conditions. A good winter swell hit Pozo Izquierdo.

B unfortunately Tomer injured his right leg during a hard landing. This meant: Game over! Jose Romero and Victor Borlin drove Tomer to the hospital, where he got a plaster. From that moment on he was the camera man and captured radical action from the local boys Mike Friedl junior, Jose Romero, Alessio Stillrich, Victor Borlin (resident on the Canaries), Omar Sanchez, Liam Dunkerbeck, Marino Gil, Josep Pons and Moritz Mauch. The video “Different game” is the result.

Tomer left the Canaries after one week and returned to Tel Aviv, when the the coronavirus fully hit Europe. And so the locals had to pack their gear. Game over, too! Now the beaches are closed on the Canary Islands and the people have to stay at home. Much has changed. Let’s hope the situation will change in a positive way and we all can enjoy outdoor life again.

Different game – a radical windsurfing video about windy winter days in Pozo Izquierdo by Tomer Shamgar from Israel

Filmed by Tomer Shamgar, Jose Romero & Miguel (Miki) Angel Perez Cabrera