From December ’16 till January ’17 Tom and Ollie Pidden left Wales, UK and travelled to Western Australia. And it turned out to be a great trip with good windsurfing and surfing conditions. It’s not a video about crazy action, it’s about what it was like, a real trip with a lot of personal highlights. The long journey starts in South Wales.

Tom and Ollie lived in Margies as kids. Tom: “My parents still own the house we grew up in so it’s like going home. We were there for a month form mid December to mid January, I’m still at university and Ollie is in his final school year so we had to come back for those respectively. The logo and name of The Chook Journal, which is what we call ourselves, was inspired by the ‘chook’ that is silhouetted in the sand dune opposite rivermouth beach, inside of the mainbreak, Margaret River. We both sail with a slightly strange style I guess, different from the usual modern windsurfing style, I guess a little more old school with drawn out wide arc bottom turns and flowing rather than snappy top turns. We film using budget video gear I have been purchasing second hand for the last few years. Little mirrorless camera bodys and basic cheap DSLR lenses. And this trip we actually broke our lens mount so the camera is mounted to the lens with epoxy quick dry putty and duck tape, and the tripod is held together with putty and cable ties!”

Tom and Ollie Pidden with a video from their windsurfing trip toWestern Australia