The German windsurfer Marco Wedele has been in Dahab (Egypt) since the middle of January and he also made a trip to the Blue Lagoon. The video “Timeless” shows the best action from his trip and features a night windsurfing session with moonlight and electric artificial lighting.  


Marco: “I came to Dahab in the middle of January and the place was empty, still suffering from the effects of the revolution, although since the revolution has started there has never been any problem here in the southern Sinai! For me this is very sad to see as I used to live here for many years and remember how busy it was and how the people enjoyed the place and windsurfing spot. So many of them kept coming back over and over again!! At the moment I am feeling very spoiled to share all the windsurfing spots with just a few people and of course that is brilliant for us as enthusiastic windsurfers, who like to have enough space. You can go wherever you like to go and there are never more then a handful of people, but for all my friends I have and who live here it’s far from easy at the same time!! Dahab hasn’t really changed at all apart from the luck of people. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The police and military making sure that the area stays safe and as I said you can’t feel any of the effects that happening up in the Northern Sinai, which is a few hundred kilometers away!!

With the the video “Timeless” I like to show what a great time we had there. We have done a trip to the Blue Lagoon. All is very well organized there. They built a center there and now many more people can enjoy this very remote spot, where all the electric for lights etc, is powered by solar and wind energy!!”