Dutch freestyler Tim Ruyssenaars (NED-66) released a new video with freestyle windsurfing action captured in the Netherlands from spring till summer 2015

“The action was recorded on a quite long period, from spring till late summer 2015. Some clips are from June and some from September. I didn’t film that much this summer compared to previous years, but I am happy to have some proper moves on tape! My goal so far for this season was to improve on the moves that I could land already and focus for example on landing the move consistently in all kind of conditions: in flat, choppy or even wavy conditions. I think it worked out quite okay and I also trained some new moves and actually found out I prefer a bit choppy conditions over flat water this year. It’s kind of crazy how tastes can change over the years!” Tim Ruyssennars (NED-66)

Tim is only 19 years-old and we bet we will see a lot more radical Freestyle moves in the near future.


Tim Ruyssenaars in “From spring till summer”