Finally we will see the start of the Red Bull Storm Chase in Brandon Bay, Ireland. The 10 sailors are stoked the first mission is really happening! We have asked all chasers to give us a statement, before the action starts. Most of them got our e-mail while packing up. We wish all of them the best of luck!


  • The event has started. You can follow the event via the twitter updates on the website from the Storm Chase. > Website Mission 1 Ireland


Josh Angulo
Well I’m here at home in Boston and we started hearing some news a couple days ago. Yesterday things started heating up and it started looking solid that I’d be getting in even though I was an alternate. 
I got a call into Pieter Bijl on Maui and he’s organized me a Chango 75 and Chango 88 as well as a 3.2 , 3.6,4.2,4.7 and a 5.6 . So Brawzinho and Swifty are bringing all that from Maui . I’ll just travel with all my warm stuff, which I have a lot of now that I live in new England.
I guess if I were to have a slogan for this event it would be RESPECT ……. Respect for all the hard work that’s gone in to this project, respect for Ireland and its people and of course respect for nature! My expectation is to score some Irish Juice ….woohh!!


Victor Fernandez
I’am in Chile right now and I got informed just a few hours ago. I start my trip to the Storm Chase tomorrow evening with Klaas Voget, who is also here. I expect crazy wind/rain/big waves so it is going to be a good experience with the rest of the crew. I bring two wetsuits, booties, gloves, neoprene jacket and full winter clothing. My quiver is 2×3.4 , 3.7, 4.0, 4.2 and 4.7. Boards, 75lt Quad and 86 Quad. I will go for it and enjoy every moment!


Daniel Bruch

Red Bull Storm Chase is on!! Yes! I can’t believe it! After so many calls were we almost went and that got blown off last minute…finally things have come together! Back in August I was so bummed we couldn’t go to Tazzy…I was so up for it…and then there where a few more calls, were all personal travel plans had to be changed in case there could be a call…but now we are going Ireland, wow…I have made some research of how the spots look like…and they are insane! I have been in Ireland a couple of times, back in the days when the PWA had a stop in Brandon Bay and it’s a sick Country with so many spots that hardly anyone know. 
The spot that mostly impressed me was Magheroarty…I found a clip from our friend Mikey Clancy, that passed away some days ago, R.I.P. my friend…you were ripping it apart! He scored it big and perfect…I am hoping for this one…I am exited…this is like some of my mates and my missions in the North of Tenerife…when a massive swell comes down…just better! 
Mikey will be watching us…that is for sure…I recon that this first Storm Chase Mission should be dedicated to him…in memory of Mikey Clancy! That is my slogan!  
I received a mail last Monday, that Ireland was looking good again after having been called off the week before. I had my ticket booked for the Boot Show in Düsseldorf, so I was flying out of Tenerife on Friday…that was my schedule…so I needed to know before my departure if I had to take or not the Storm Chase Gear. 
To be honest, I did not really believe in it. After so many calls…I just let it come…I had planned to go to Gran Canaria that same Monday afternoon, to get some footage and photos as a good swell was going to make Mosca Point go off…luckily I went anyways and scored it pretty good! I have some good footage that will be released in some days…All these days, after the call, I had the Storm Chase in mind…was checking all the weather cards, how the storm was developing…and it just looked solid! 9.7 Meter waves from the West…44 knots direction south…side-off shore??…yeeewww!!!! So after sailing for 3 days in 35 to 40 knots, having some footage in the bag, I decided to return a bit earlier home, in case we were finally on…and we are on!!
I brought a Severne 3.7, 4.2 and 4.7 Blade and a Starboard 74L Quad which I know that handle a lot of wind and swell and a 87L Quad, in case we get some lighter wind sailing…when it is that big, you don’t really want to be standing still in currents, wind patches, etc and get caught by a nugget! I also brought a 5.3mm with hoody…hope that is thick enough…together with some gloves and boots.
I expect it to be massive! I just want to ride and enjoy some of those insane left-hander mountains at Magheroarty! 


Boujmaa Guilloul
This is a unique chance to take part in such big and unique event, I’ve been looking forward to it so much since first heard about it, and I would love it to be my conditions, and I will do my best even if its not what I like, but my slogan is Safety First!


Leon Jamaer
I am super stoked to be part of the Storm Chase and it’s an honor to compete together with such incredible athletes at such a rough and wild place like Ireland. I got the message yesterday during a lecture at university. Now I pack all my gear – sails from 3,3 to 4,3, and my smallest Quad board. I also have my Xcel Drylook 5mm ready which will work like a sauna, hopefully! Now I am excited to what part of Ireland we go and what the conditions will look like! 


Robby Swift
I am on my way back to Maui from Chile. My route is Santiago > Panama > Houston > San Francisco > Maui… The travel time? 39 hours!

When I wake up in San Francisco, I receive the email saying we are a go and my new itinerary… Leaves Maui tonight at 23:53pm!! I only arrive in Maui at 7:30 pm!!! Oh well, lots of Air Miles I suppose.
I am taking 74L single thruster and 82L Single Thruster. Sails 3.4-4.7. Lots of warm clothes, hood, booties, gloves and thick Mystic 6/4 wetsuit!!! Go big or go home!
Julien Taboulet
I am just in the plane right now from Perpignan to Paris, then tomorow I will do Paris / Dublin.
We just get back few days ago from the cool vibes of Cabo Verde. For sure the weather looks very sick for riding big waves, The Red Bull crew and us were following since few days this new storm!
I got 2 boards (80L & 85L) in my quiver, 6 sails (3.6 to 5.4) and masts + 2 booms????. You never know with the wind in a storm, weather changing so fast with the rain!!!!
Then my 4/3 wetsuit with the top “cagoule”, so importante to keep the head hot.
I really hope that we gonna get a big waveriding session in Magheorarty, in memories of our friend Mickey Clancy. Rip forever brother!!!!



Marcilio Browne
I am just in Oahu on my way back from the Marshall islands. I just found out a few days ago, so I willl have less than a day in Maui and will fly there! All my stuff is already there as I left after Sylt. I am just hoping not to freeze!  I brought: 3,4 up to 4,2, 72 and 78l boards, 4,3 and 5,3 boots and hoodie ! 


Thomas Traversa
I was first informed about the possibility of a mission in Ireland a few days ago. At the moment I am in Cape town enjoying the summertime and the fun conditions, I have been here for 2 weeks already and was supposed to fly back to France on the 30th, so the Storm chase is not changing my plans too much actually…

I have a good 4/3 wetsuit and a top with a hoodie to wear under it, as well as a pair of good winter neoprene boots. I will bring my one allround board that I use all the time, 65 liters custom from Fabien. For the sails I will be bringing 3.6/ 4.0 / 4.2, because I know that the wind is very gusty in Ireland, and even if the wind is very very strong it is not that strong in the inside, specially if the waves are very big.
I hope we will score some good down the line conditions with very big waves, not only crazy jumping style… because Ireland is just perfect to ride very big swells, and has so many spots it is unbelievable…


Kenneth Danielsen
I got informed on Thursday that I was in, and we just need the final go. The Redbull guys called me up on my South African number. I actually just got back home from the airport of Cape Town where I dropped of my girlfriend for her flight back home to Denmark. I will bring my smallest equipment thats for sure. Then I actually had to borrow a winter wetsuit from one of my friends, because I don’t have it with me here in South Africa.
My slogan is light weight baby and my expectations is get some of the most extreme conditions I ever sailed and some awesome windsurfing.


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