So far we saw the big finals of the first single elimination at the PWA Freestyle event at Sotavento. Gollito Estredo won the Single Elimination with a great heat. We spoke with Tonky Frans and Steven van Broeckhoven, who managed to make it on the podium in the Single Elimination and asked them about their performance, their impressions and what plans they have to beat Gollito in the double elimination. Of course there are other sailors who are maybe able to beat Gollito, but we have focused on the podium of the Single Elimination.


Watching Tonky's heat



Gollito’s final heat against Tonky Frans:


Moves on the way in: Skopu / oh Funnel/Crash, Culo Crash/Culo/Burner 720 oh/Spock  Culo/Kono

Moves on the way out: Pasko / Shaka Flaka / Burner / Air Chaco / Backloop


It was a perfect heat, almost all moves on a really high level, with a lot of style, power and finished with perfect landings. The timing was brilliant. His first move on the way out was a big Pasko and the final one (the fifth landed trick) – Gollito landed all five attempts on the way out – was a clean Backloop. The heat had a duration of 7 minutes and the best 4 tricks out of 7 were counted. On the way in Gollito had 8 attempts. The final Kono was the 8th one, but perhaps the first crash on the way in was not counted as an attempt. So the judges took the Kono into consideration for the points. The winner from Podersdorf had a lot of power and height in his moves and decided to go for big airmoves on the way out like the Air Chaco, Pasko or Backloop. It seemed, that the preparation at Pozo and participation in the wave supersession helped him to train his air moves. And Gollito has still a few other big Airmoves in the pocket like a Shove It Cheeseroll.


Tonky’s thoughts about Gollito’s heat:

“I saw Gollito crashing a few times during our heat, but most of the moves from Gollito were really clean and very high. I always try to go high in all my moves, like in the Pasko. I did the Sucker, the big Lolly Pop version, a lolly pop with a step in front of the mast. “I named the move after the big Lollypop they have in the States.”  It’s the next level of a normal Lolly Pop. I was really happy with my final heat. It was a good heat.”


Tonky had 5 landed moves on the way in, but missed to land a fourth move on the way out. His moves on the way out were really big, a Pasko, a Shaka and a perfect Air Chaco. But he did not land the Backloop as he lost the board.


Moves on the way in: Burner 720/ Funnel 720 / Culo / Sucker / Kono / half Kono Crash

Moves on the way out: Pasko / Backloop Crash / Shaka / Air Chaco



Steven van Broeckhoven about the single elimination and his thoughts:

We asked Steven, which moves he can land and did not show so far: “I can do Shove it Spocks or Spock Culos. I felt a little bit underpowered and felt a bit nervous. I missed a bit of sailsize in the heat against Tonky as I was on my 4,5m. The wind was up and down. The 4,5m felt good just before the heat and I was prepared very well on the 4,5 as I trained the whole week before the event. But suddenly the wind dropped during my heat. Later in the losers final against Kiri I used the 4,8m and had more power. I am using the 100 liter board all the time with a Choco fin 17,5 cm.”

Steven added: ” I shouldn’t have started my heat so much upwind. It was tricky as the tide was low and there was not so much space on the water anymore. Normally it’ s better to start upwind in the area, but this time it was better to sail further downwind as the upwind mark was so close to the shore due to the low tide in the late afternoon.”


Semi Final Heat against Tonky Frans:

Moves on the way in: Burner 720 / Culo / Bob 540 / Kono

Moves on the way out: Pasko Crash /  Shove It / Shaka / Pasko / Ponch / Spinloop / Shove It Spock Crash / Pushloop / Lazy Susan Crash


Steven had very solid heats and was able to land a radical Pushloop against Tonky in the Semi Final. He as well went for a second Pasko attempt after he crashed the first one and landed it perfectly. Steven looks very strong and has definitely  a chance to win the double elimination or the whole event. Actually he is ranked 2nd in the World and will try everything to get on top.