Last Saturday Marcus Friedrich took his camera and drove around 60 kilometers to the north, from Stralsund to Kreptitz on Rügen in Germany. It was totally worth to bring the camera. The conditions were stormy – with peaks up to 77 knots – and good sized waves breaking over the sandbanks at Rügen’s northwestern coast, where the land suffers heavy erosions. 

“Florian Behringer and Oskar Hollmann showed the best action in stormy conditions. With peaks of 77 knots Kreptitz was the most windy spot all around Germany. A real reason to capture some impressions on that day,” Marcus Friedrich said.

Marcus, who is the owner of friedfisch film, released an atmospheric clip about a special day at Rügen’s coast, which shows the potential of this spot and the island.


Kreptitz on fire, a film about a storm session on Rügen, Germany