Steven van Broeckhoven wins the Milos Beach Corona Lefkada Open, Davy Scheffers in second place, Andre Paskowski takes third and Nico Akgazciyan fourth position.

The winners - Pic:

The winners - Pic:


The wind picked up punctually on the first day and the first heat got started at 15.15h.
Blonde German EFPT newcomer Adrian Beholz was surprising with a solid performance, which made him advance over Martin van Ochten. The Greek sailors Nikos Athanasiou and Stam Promponas advanced to round 2 as well as Yarden Meir, Zan Sude, Teixeira, Phil Soltysiak, Souza de Pedro and also Estonian rider Christofer Kalk won against his fellow countryman Tony Mottus.


The Top 7 guys had a free ticket to the second round and were also showing consistent heats, so all of them advanced to round 3. When it came down to the last 8 riders of the single, Andre Paskowski was facing his teammate the Capoeira man Chico Bento. Andre´s routine and experience paid off and he made it to the semi final. In the same heat Steven van Broeckhoven won against Vassiliki resident Andy Bubble Chambers. On the second heat of the quarter finals Davy Scheffers advanced against Niklas Strahlen and Nico Akgazcyan set an end to the last Brazilian rider in single elimination, Edvan Souza de Pedro.
The semi final showed the same pairing like in Sardinia and again it were Steven van Broeckhoven and Davy Scheffers who impressed the judges the most and made it through to the winners final. In the looser final for 3rd place of the single elimination Andre Paskowski was up against Nicolas Akgazciyan again. Both riders showed a solid heat with a lot of moves, but in the end it was the variety of more different moves and less crashes, which made the judges decide for Andre on 3rd place.
The winners final was a repetition of Sardinias final with a new school battle between Steven van Broeckhoven and Davy Scheffers. Moves like Kono, Culo, Burner and also some basic freestyle tricks were performed back to back by the 2 finalists. Again Steven showed a bit more consistency and style in his moves, which assured him the win of the single elimination. 

The following days the wind was always too light to finish the Double Elimination.


Steven: “I had to start right away against Slowenian Sude, the wind was weak and I had to pump a lot. Next heat was against Chambers. At the start of the heat I could not plane and Chambers had a good wind stroke and already was able to do two moves so I really had to go for it. I did some nice moves including some power moves with little wind and I advanced to the next. Next heat was against Paskowski – I had a good start and Paskowski was not totally upwind yet which was in mine advantage. I went full at it and won.
The final was again against Davy. This heat I really sailed well with a lot of moves, power moves and a lot of variation.”

1. Steven van Broeckhoven (F2/Maui Sails)
2. Davy Scheffers (Tabou/Gaastra)
3. Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/North)
4. Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard / Gunsails)