update 19.10.2021

The end of the year 2020 and the first months of the new year is the time when plans for the upcoming season are made. Let’s see how many changes will happen due to the Corona pandemic and its effects. It’s still very difficult to make plans for the upcoming year. There are still big question marks for 2020 events or next year’s travel restrictions. What we know for sure is, 2021 will not be a normal windsurfing year, like we were used to.

Young French freestyle windsurfer Raphael Bauer joins the French Starboard / Severne team.

Raphael Bauer joins the French Starboard Severne team

Raphael Bauer joins the French Starboard Severne team

German freestyler Marco Lufen announced his change from Fanatic/Duotone to JP-Australia/NeilPryde. It’s a return to the brands he was on for a while already.

Marco Lufen: “It feels good to be back on the Team where it all began for me. Looking forward to a great year and warm spring sessions!”

Marco Lufen returns to JP-Australia & NeilPryde

Marco Lufen returns to JP-Australia & NeilPryde

Tony Mõttus (EST-21) from Estonia moved from Vietnam to Tarifa, Spain recently and now announced his full change to Severne. He now rides on boards and sails from the Australian brand. In the past he had Severne Sails in his water sport center in Vietnam. Tony is a dedicated freestyler, but had a lot of days in waves when he lived in Vietnam.

Former freestyle pro and wave sailer Kevin Mevissen from the Netherlands returns to JP-Australia/NeilPryde.

Wave windsurfing pro Antoine Martin, who won the Aloha Classic 2019 and the IWT 2019, left JP-Australia and joined Starboard for 2021.

Antoine about the board sponsor change: “I’m super stoked to announce my new partnership with Starboard windsurfing!! They are willing to fully support me for my future projects and that’s cool!! On the other side I will make my best to help them developing the best board possible for wave riding! More announcement to come soon!”

Antoine Martin joins Starboard Windsurfing

Antoine Martin joins Starboard Windsurfing (Photo by Jerome Nadessin from GGpikS Photography)

Italian Andrea Rosati (I-0) joins FLIKKAboards and will be involved in the R&D process. He already gained a lot of know how when he worked for RRD for 25 years. He has been with the Italian brand since 1995.

Andrea Rosati with FLIKKAboards

Andrea Rosati with FLIKKAboards in Cape Town

US freestyler Alex Mertens returns to Fanatic after a three year break and joins Duotone, too:

“I am very proud to share with you all that I will once again be riding for Duotone and Fanatic. I am very grateful for the opportunities that were given to me by my previous sponsors over my last few years. Everything I have done wouldn’t have been possible without their aid. I look forward to everything that is coming shortly and I cannot wait to share my journey with you all!”

Alex Mertens rides for Fanatic & Duotone in 2021

Alex Mertens rides for Fanatic & Duotone in 2021

Italian wave windsurfer Catarina Stenta left RRD after 7 years:

“It’s been incredible seven years with RRD International. RRD has supported me from the very beginning from my first PWA World Tour Windsurfing competitions to all the Sup tours with The Euro Tour and APP World Tour and all the national titles! I have a lot of memories and team mates I am so grateful to have met along the way during the competitions, shootings in Cape Town and travels. Grazie RRD, everyone working at the factory and all the team mates specially John Skye for all the help during these years. RRD supported me and led me to what I have become and what I achieved. Nevertheless from 2021 I will make a big step to a new and exciting chapter.”

A few more big changes will be announced soon. 

WA ripper Jaeger Stone, who left Starboard Windsurfing, joins the Severne board team and is 100% on Severne. 

Jaeger Stone joins Severne boards for 2021

Jaeger Stone joins Severne boards for 2021

Brazilian racer Mateus Isaac, who left JP-Australia/NeilPryde, announced his change to Starboard Windsurfing and their Dream Team. He as well joins the Severne Racing team and is in the team with Matteo Iachino and Basti Kördel.

Mateus Isaac: ”Starboard has an incredible history of producing the best boards out there. In my quest to reach the next level on the racecourse, there was only one direction I could go. That is why I’m super excited to announce that I’m joining Starboard for the 2021 season.”

British freestyler Nic Hibdige, who is well known for his great style, joins Goya Windsurfing after leaving Tabou/GA. He now is a teammate of Antoine Albert & Yarden Meir.

Nic: “Really excited to start a new journey with Goya Windsurfing! I grew up idolising the guys behind this brand and feel honoured to now be a part of it. Thanks for keeping the dream alive and allowing me to continue pushing my windsurfing.”

Nic Hibdige joins Goya Windsurfing

Nic Hibdige joins Goya Windsurfing

Jaeger Stone, the ripper from Geraldton, WA announced that he didn’t sign with his board sponsor Starboard Windsurfing for 2021. Here’s his statement. Jaeger worked in the R&D with his dad Mark from Stonesurf Design for the Thailand based water sports brand, developed pro models (78 & 82 liter Ultra Kode 2021) and won the Red Bull Storm Chase in 2019 and the Tenerife PWA World Cup in 2019.

  • Jaeger Stone’s winning PWA wave final heat in Tenerife 2019

Jaeger Stone: “Thank you Starboard Windsurfing for all of your support over my windsurfing journey so far. You have helped me learn and experience so much, and I’m proud of what we have been able to achieve together in that time. 2020 gave me the opportunity to think about what I really want to do going forward. It has been a hard decision to make but I have decided not to sign with SB as I begin to shift my focus away from competition (for now at least). Thank you again SB, for all the opportunities you have given me.”

Let’s see if Jaeger will return to the competition scene in the future. He is without doubt one of the riders, who is is hard to beat in his heats. But he has of course many opportunities with his profession as a physiotherapist. He as well can ride Stonesurf boards. Actually Jaeger recovers from a tendon injury at his toe, but will return on the water in the upcoming weeks.

Jaeger: I injured my toe again. Kicked it/it got pushed really hard against the inside of my foot strap as I hit a piece of chop. My body moved forward and my foot didn’t. The tendon I had repaired is ok, but I ruptured a ligament of that same joint I cut the tendon over. I don’t need surgery though, they’re happy that where I tore it. It should heal by itself, but that windsurfing is out for 8-10 weeks. I’ve already been out for 7 weeks so it’s going quite quickly.

Jaeger Stone leaves Starboard Windsurfing

Storm Chase winner Jaeger Stone leaves Starboard Windsurfing

Let’s see, if Starboard will announce a new addition to their 2021 wave team or give their young riders like Liam Dunkerbeck, Lennart Neubauer and Max Hochgrassl more support.

It’s official! The 2019 PWA freestyle World Champion Yentel Caers, who left I-99/Point-7 in the beginning of 2021 – announced his new sponsors JP-Australia & NeilPryde. After two years on I-99 he returns to his former board sponsor JP-Australia. After 4 years on Point-7 the Belgian is back on NeilPryde. And he and his girlfriend Stefi Fumagalli are on the same equipment.

Yentel Caers: I’m super stoked to return to JP/NeilPryde! To join the team as champion gives me even more motivation to fight harder for another title! My focus is for sure on competitions. I will do my best to regain my PWA World Champion title and to win the European tour! To reach this goal I will constantly work to improve my sailing. I really enjoy pushing my limits and the level of windsurfing to show what is possible. Additionally I plan to make videos which shall entertain not only freestyle windsurfers but also impress people all over the world and to motivate and inspire them to try out our beautiful sport.”

Yentel already tested the new gear. We can expect moves with a lot of pop. Just remember his moves from 2016!! He now will work hard on the development of boards & sails together with Austrian Werner Gnigler and Slovenian Robert Stroj.


Yentel Caers returns to JP & NeilPryde

Yentel Caers returns to JP & NeilPryde

Pro racer and foiling expert Mateus Isaac from Brazil leaves JP-Australia/NeilPryde after 10 years of collaboration.

Diony Guadagnino, the former “King of the Lake Winner” and world class wave rider from El Yaque leaves Loftsails and joins the French brand XO Sails.

Diony: “It has been a good 5 year journey with Loftsails and Unifiber great honor and pleasure it was working together with Monty Spindler and the entire team! Sadly it is time to say goodbye, but very happy to have just signed a 2 year contract with XO Sails. Super amped and excited for whats to come with this awesome brand and team!”

XO Sails: “Super stoked to have Diony joining us in the XO Sails team! With his fantastic spirit on the beach and hardcore commitment on the water he will perfectly match with the XO Sails gear! Welcome Diony!


German freestyle windsurfer Niclas Nebelung made it into the international team of Fanatic/Duotone. Around a year ago he joined the brands Fanatic, Duotone & ION

Niclas Nebelung about the upgrade to the international teams: “Super proud and happy to be promoted to the Fanatic/Duotone international team for 2021. Dreams come true.”

Karin Gertenbach from Fanatic: “Moving up to the International Team is the young talent Niclas Nebelung from Germany. Niclas is part of the German Team for one year now and has proven that he is ready for more. He lives in Kiel/Northern Germany, where you can find him working on new moves whenever the wind blows. Right now he is on Bonaire to train in a bit warmer conditions. Stay tuned for more!”

Niclas Nebelung joins the international team of Fanatic & Duotone

Niclas Nebelung joins the international team of Fanatic & Duotone


Gollito Estredo just announced a big news: the 9 times PWA freestyle windsurfing World Champion will not be on Fanatic & Duotone in 2021.

Gollito Estredo: “I want thank you Duotone Windsurfing and Fanatic for an amazing many years of support and working together, I have learned a lot from it. But It’s time to say good bye.”

Karin Gertenbach from Fanatic: “After many years of great partnership with Gollito Estredo, with a heavy heart we have ended our co-operation with a friendly separation as of January 1st 2021.”

Let’s see what will come next! Gollito (31), who started his career in the little village El Yaque and participated in the first international competitions in 2003, was on Fanatic/Duotone (NorthSails) from the beginning of his career. It’s a long period of over 15 years, probably one of the longest lasting collaborations in professional windsurfing. He already signed a contract with RRD. Gollito posted the news in his instagram stories.

Gollito Estredo joins RRD in 2021

Gollito Estredo joins RRD in 2021

Here’s a video to say goodbye to Gollito by Fanatic Windsurf International. He was an incredible successful team rider.


2019 PWA Freestyle World Champion and EFPT tour winner Yentel Caers leaves I-99/Point-7.

French foil expert and PWA foiling World Cup event winner in 2019 Thomas Goyard leaves his board sponsor FMX racing after almost two years and joined Phantom Windsurfing. He now is on the same team with his brother Nico, who won the 2019 PWA foil World title.

German Nico Prien announced his change to Starboard – he is part of the Dream Team -after five years on JP-Australia :“Next to my activities as ambassador I will work in the Brand Management for starboard. That means that I’ll be involved in the whole process from developing the product, up until the launch and everything that comes along with it, such as marketing. I will spend a lot of time in Starboards Headquarter in Bangkok. My main hub will remain Germany and Europe though. Realistically this will probably mean that I’ll take part in competitions less compared to the previous years. Of course, I will still want to be the fittest and best version of myself and do well in certain competitions.”

Nico Prien tests the new board in Fehmarn in December 2020_(Photo by Bulgenslag)

German Nico Prien tests the new board in Fehmarn in December 2020, before he left to Thailand (Photo by Bulgenslag)

Miriam Rasmussen from Norway made it into the Starboard Dream Team for 2021 after she joined the Thailand based board brand last season.

Top wave pro Antoine Martin from Guadeloupe, the 2019 Aloha Classic winner, leaves NeilPryde & JP-Australia after 13 years. Here’s his statement:
“It’s time to face my fears and announce once and for all that I’ve decided to part away with NeilPryde & JP-Australia. It was definitely a though decision to make but after few months of negotiations I choose to take another path and signed with another brand.
13 years of partnership!! What a ride!! What can I say.. being part of these two legendary brands among some of the true legends of our sports was just insane for the young gun I was and I’m very glad I made it that far!! I’m so happy I’ve reach some of the highest summit of my life with you. Of course all dreams sometime fade away to other goals and after so many year comfortably seated I think I felt I needed to set up some new goals for the upcoming years and keep pushing myself again to prove I’m still worth it. Now I’m really looking forward for what’s coming! I can’ t wait to give you the update asap!”

UK freestyler Jamie Howard left F2 and joined Severne UK.

Casey Hauser joined the Goya Windsurfing: “Welcome to the team Casey! We always look forward to working with individuals who are positive and have an insatiable passion for windsurfing.”

Amado Vrieswijk leaves JP-Australia and joins Future Fly Boards. Amado: “I am excited to join the Future Fly Boards Team, it’s windy on Bonaire again and I’m ready to make 2021 a success.”

Taty and Amado in the same board team

British freestyler Nic Hibdige leaves GA-Sails & Tabou international after 4 years.

German racing specialist Sebastian Kördel parted ways with GA-Sails after 8 years and joined Severne Sails: “I’m grateful for all the support I got and the privilege to learn from those absolute legends in the team! Thank you guys for everything and see you on tour this year. So stoked to share my new sail sponsor with you guys! Joining the revolution!”


Italian racer Bruno Martini, who lives at Lago di Garda, announced that he returns to I-99 in 2021. He leaves Arnon Dagan’s Future Fly Boards.

Bruno Martini: “We haven’t had a season to show our full potential. With some regret announcing that I will not be with Future Fly Boards for the next few seasons. I have to say big thanks to Arnon Dagan as a friend and as a company he always tray to do his best for me as athlete, so I really wish you all the best on future and hope we will work again together.”

Bruno Martini returns to I-99

Bruno Martini returns to I-99 in 2021 (pics by photodream.it)


German windsurfer and youtuber Nico Prien announced that he is parting ways with his board sponsor JP-Australia:

“After 5 years I‘m parting ways with JP-Australia. It’s been an amazing time and they’ve helped me tremendously to get where I am now. Big thanks to the whole team!”

Italian wave windsurfer Federico Morisio joins Severne Sails. Fede, who was on NeilPryde, traveled to a lot of world class wave regions like Chile, Maui or Oman and became an experienced wave windsurfer, who loves to ride clean waves. He participated in the IWT tour and did some PWA Wave World Cups, too. The Italian won an event in Peru and made it in 2nd in Baja and Chile. In the overall ranking he made it in 4th place 3 times from 2017 to 2019. He not only windsurfs, he also studies and always follows his goals.

Federico: “I’m super happy and excited to announce that I’m joining the Severne Windsurfing Team and ride on their sails! Their commitment on creating top performance gear means a lot to me and it has been proven with facts in these years! I can’t wait to be using it, join the “Revolution” and bring my windsurfing to the next level! I chose the S-1 because I love a 4 battens, manoeuvrable, light and reactive sail! I obviously chose the red model, because it fully represents the passion I have for the sport and the motivation that I feel for what I do! That strong fire burning inside me which always pushes me to want more, to become better and achieve my biggest goals! So stoked for this new journey ahead! Fasten your seatbelt because epic times are coming!”

Federico Morisio joins Severnesails

Federico Morisio joins Severnesails

Young Italian wave rider Gabriel di Giosafatte left Challenger Sails and joined the Italian Severne team. French windsurfer and former sailor David Krief joined the French national team of Severne Sails.

Gabriel di Giosafatte from Italy and David Krief joined the national teams of Severne.

Gabriel di Giosafatte from Italy and David Krief joined the national teams of Severne.

Philippe Mesmeur – the French wave rider left RRD in the beginning of October and joined the board brand Sunova, which returned on the windsurfing market in 2020 (in collaboration with GunSails). For the moment he has no sail sponsor yet, but it’s in progress, he told us. “I’m really happy and proud about this change. I’m really grateful with the RRD crew, too for their support in the past years! It all started few months ago in the Side-Shore shop in Brittany. I checked this Quad test board. I saw this funky board with wood (balsa) on the deck and was super enthusiastic to see this kind of material on a board. I decided to test this one. Two days later, the forecast looked promising, side off conditions at my home spot “Le Dossen”, 25 knots and good sized waves. I got the Sunova 77l and my 4.5m ready. On the first wave it was super strange because I always windsurfed with thruster fin setups. Two or three waves later I realized it became a favorite board. I decided to follow my instinct and now I’m impatient to start this new adventure. I talked with the Sunova Team and they are really motivated to develop good boards! I am looking forward to travel, making videos and I will appreciate all my futures sessions! I’m not a professional windsurfer, but I’ll do my best as a free rider!” 

Philippe Mesmeur on a big wave testing new gear

Philippe Mesmeur on a big wave in France, testing new gear in October 2020

Philippe Mesmeur's toys for the winter season

Philippe Mesmeur’s toys for the winter season

Italian Andrea “Principe” Baldini, who is organizing speed events in South of France and designs his own speed sail together with Challengersails, joins PATRIK boards.

Principe, the speed prince about his change: “I always liked the idea to be with Patrik Diethelm. He is technical and serious…. he is someone who creates his board-design…. With him I think is possible to develop something that will bring the windsurfing World to the Future!! Forever Speed!”

Andrea Principe Baldini joins PATRIK boards

Andrea Principe Baldini joins PATRIK boards

Twan Verseput (NED-127) – the Dutch speed windsurfer, who belongs to the fastest windsurfers nowadays, decided to leave Severne after 6 years and joined the Italian sail brand Point-7 on November 1st, 2020.

Twan Verseput: “As Andrea Cucchi (Point-7 owner) and I are both sailing for the same board brand, it was actually the first time I met him last September for the 2021 board development. Spending some time on and off the water and seeing how passionate, windsurf minded the brand is it inspired me and directly made me feel at home. For me short strings with the persons directly involved with the sails is important especially working towards an event like Luderitz. With Andrea being also the head tester and sail designer with tons of experience and knowledge in slalom with proven results I now have the possibility to test and develop sails directly together.”

Twan Verseput joins Point-7

Twan Verseput joins Point-7

Andy “Bubble” Chambers (K-540) – the former World Cup freestyle pro from the UK said good bye to JP Australia/ NP, after 12 years as a team rider and 7 as UK brand manager. Andy will be the UK agent for Goya/Quatro/MFC and KT.

Andy Chambers: “It’s time to say goodbye to JP-Australia and NeilPryde…  After 12 amazing years as a team rider and 7 as UK Brand Manager it’s time for me to move on and try something new… I want to say a MASSIVE THANKS to everyone at JP/NeilPryde for the support over the years. I have had some amazing times and will always have some great memories. I wish the brands and everyone involved all the best for the future. I am super happy to join the Goya/Quatro/MFC and KT family! I will be working with them as the UK Agent from the 1st of January 2021 and will be representing them in all competitions and demos across the UK. Absolutely loving the gear so far! I’m really looking forward to a whole new chapter!”

Andy "Bubble" Chambers has fun riding with his new gear in British waters

Andy “Bubble” Chambers has fun riding with his new equipment in British waters

Dany Bruch (G-1181) is not on GA-Sails anymore. The owner of Bruch boards joined forces with Flight Sails and announced at the end of October: “Great news is that I’m back on Flight Sails.”

Dany Bruch on Flight Sails in Tenerife

Dany Bruch flies on Flight Sails in Tenerife

Nicolas Warembourg (F-531) – the French super athlete, who already won the Defi Wind, left NeilPryde after four years and is now 100% on Patrik as Patrik Diethelm now offers windsurfing sails, too. Nicolas already returned to Patrik boards in February 2020.