Bernd Roediger is one of the Ho’okipa locals, well known for his low waist harness and for his radical style. He finished the 2017 Aloha Classic on a great second place, just a few points behind Morgan Noireaux. Live stream commentator and Aloha Classic masters winner Kai Katchadourian called him the “Samurai”. A well chosen name. Bernd is one of the best windsurfing warriors out there. He has a unique style, fights until the end and can change a heat score within seconds but only with big scores. A good average performance is not enough, mediocrity is unknown here.

Bernd Roediger: “I was super stoked to claim 2nd, and to have this unreal commentary from Kai Katchadourian!! Haha “Samurai”.  You can’t always choose the names you pick up, and are known by, throughout the years of your life. But you can choose what you do to earn them.”

Its been a wonderful season of transition and growth. Autumn winds swept through my life and gently landed me in 2nd place at the Aloha Classic! This event will always be special to me, it falls on my favorite time of year, it has never disappointed in terms of conditions. The riders that I respect most in this sport have always come to compete, bringing with them a sweeping sense of inspiration! I tried to sail on the wings of that feeling, flying higher and further…

Samurai – a video by and with Bernd Roediger